Information for Tenants


Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday – By Appointment


1. E-MAIL This is the most effective and quickest contact method if you have email access also. Your Property Manager’s direct email address appears on the business card provided.
2. APPOINTMENT To see your Property Manager in person please contact us to make a time to suit you both. The nature of our role takes us out of the office and by making an appointment we can ensure we are there for you.
3. PHONE If you don’t have email 4271 7000. Messages left will be returned as soon as it is possible to do so.


CONDITION REPORT – Please complete, sign and return to our office within 7 days of the lease commencing date; as required by the Residential Tenancy Act.

DIRECT DEBIT – Direct debit is the method of rent payment.

EMERGENCY REPAIRS – Emergency repairs include such situations as:
• Burst water service
• Blocked or broken toilet
• Serious roof leak
• Gas leak
• Fault/damage likely to cause injury
• Electrical shock/fault
Phone the office on 4271 7000 to report these types of situations immediately. If after hours, leave a detailed message of the situation and refer to the Emergency contact numbers

GENERAL REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE – All general repairs and maintenance notes must be forwarded to our office in writing so we can act accordingly. Provide as much information as possible of the repairs needed as well as access authorisation for the repairs to be done. A Maintenace Request Form can be downloaded in the Rental Documents section.

PROPERTY INSPECTIONS – The Property is inspected by our Property Managers 2 to 4 times a year.
You will be notified in writing 7 – 14 days prior.

KEYS – Locked out?
Office hours – you can collect our Management set and drop them back within the hour once you provide photo ID and a $50.00 bond. (if our management keys are lost, the property will be re-keyed at your expense)
After hours – you can contact your Urgent Repairs contact details in your Residential Tenancy Agreement at a call out fee of $50.00 cash.

MOVING OUT – Two (2) weeks notice in writing is required if you intend to vacate on the lease expiry date or 21 days ( 3 weeks) notice if your lease has expired.

INSURANCE – We advise all Tenants to insure their own contents as they are not covered under the owner’s policies.

PETS – Unless you have written permission from your landlord no pets are allowed at any property.

SMOKING – No smoking permitted in any property.

FAIR TRADING 133 220 – For your rights and responsibility as a tenant.

Arrears Policy for Ray White Corrimal & Unanderra

It is the policy of this firm that all rent is paid through the Rent Pay System. This allows you the convenience of being able to pay your rent in a number of different ways; you will have already received your log in details and password.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act you are required to pay your rent by the date noted on the schedule in your lease and it must always be in advance, should you have any difficulties in paying your rent please notify us as soon as possible so that we can be of assistance to you in resolving the problem.

This agency does have a strict policy on the payment and collection of rent and you will receive a number and variety of reminders which you should not ignore. The reminder notices and frequency are listed below:


Time Elapsed

Reminder Notice

Category 1 arrears 1 to 3 days in arrears Text message, email and phone call
Category 2 arrears 4 to 7 days in arrears Phone call and letter or text message or email
Category 3 arrears 8 to 14 days in arrears Formal letter and commencement of eviction procedures
Category 4 arrears 15 days in arrears Notice to vacate rented premises

Maintenance Policy

It is both a regulation under the Residential Tenancies Act and a strict policy of this firm that all maintenance requests are presented in writing before they can be acted upon. An example of the Maintenance Request Form can be found in the Rental Documents section.

Only URGENT REPAIRS will be accepted first informally but must be as soon as possible confirmed in writing. Urgent repairs are a specialised form of maintenance and directly relate to basic issues of shelter. Some examples are listed below and other examples are contained in you lease agreement:

A serious gas leak
A burst hot water service
A dangerous electrical fault
Any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure
If such repairs are necessary you must immediately contact our office by email using the maintenance request form found on our website or by phoning our office on 4271 7000. In the event the matter occurs after hours and is an emergency, please contact one of the contractors listed.

Contact Numbers

Wollongong Council4232 0444
Sydney Water132 092
Integral Energy (Electricity)131 002
AGL Energy (Gas)1300 556 104
Telstra132 200
Optus1300 301 937
Police Wollongong4226 7899
State Emergency Services131 500

After Hours Emergency

Refer to Urgent Repairs contact details in your Residential Tenancy Agreement